Multiwoven is AI Squared’s Open Source Reverse ETL platform that turns any data warehouse into a Customer Data Platform (CDP).

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Getting started

Understanding Reverse ETL

Uncover everything about Reverse ETL and its role in activating data from warehouses to various destinations.

Turns any data warehouse (like Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, DataBricks, Postgres) into a Customer Data Platform (CDP)


Setup Source

The first step is to set up the source of the data. This could be a data warehouse, a database, or any other source of data. Head over to the source setup guide to get started.


Setup Destination

The second step is to set up the destination for the selected source. This could be a CRM, a marketing automation platform, or any other destination. Head over to the destination setup guide to get started.


Data Modeling & Sync

The final step is to model the data and sync it from the source to the destination. This is where you define the data model and the sync schedule. Head over to the data modeling and sync guides to get started.