Our self-hosted Enterprise SaaS offers 1 click deployment on your infrastructure. You can deploy and setup the platform on your private VPC across multiple cloud providers.

The self-hosted Enterprise SaaS is container based and can be deployed on any Docker compatible infrastructure.

Docker Compose

To begin with, you can deploy the platform using Docker Compose using a simple virtual machine like EC2 or GCP VM.

For more information on deploying the enterprise platform using Docker Compose, refer to the Docker Compose guide in the open-source documentation. The Docker Compose guide provides detailed instructions on setting up the platform using Docker Compose.

The difference between the open-source platform and the enterprise platform deployment is the docker image used for the platform.

The enterprise platform uses the squaredai/enterprise docker image, which extends the platform with additional enterprise features.


For a more scalable and production-grade deployment, you can deploy the platform on Kubernetes. The platform provides a Helm chart for deploying the platform on Kubernetes.

You can refer to the Environment Variables section to configure the platform for your environment.

You can also refer to the Production Deployment section for a more detailed guide on deploying the platform to other cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Accessing the Platform

Once you have deployed the platform, you can access the platform by visiting localhost:8000 to access the platform UI. You can sign up for a new account and log in to the platform, you should be able to see the platform dashboard.

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In case you are facing any issues with the deployment, you can reach out to the AI Squared team for support.