Quickstart Guide
This page will walk you through loading and using the AI Squared Google Chrome Extension.

We are available on the Chrome Web Store! You can install our Chrome extension and get started today completely for free.

Drag & drop a .air file from your local system into our extension & give your model a name and description...
To see how to create a .air file, please see Creating Your First .air File
... press play on the model playlist in the extension window and see the model's inference appear on the screen in front of you.

If the configuration file you created isn't working exactly as intended in the end-user environment, some modifications might be required. Rather than starting from scratch, our built-in JSON editor lets you make changes to the configuration file in the extension itself so that you can tweak the logic and immediately see the results.

Once you've edited the .air file in the AI Squared extension you might want to share it with friends or coworkers. From within the Edit interface, just click "Download" and your modified .air file will be saved to your local filesystem. You can also use the model cards view to access any feedback you've generated with an .air file and download both that feedback and your usage metrics to your local device.
Once a model has served its purpose, you can easily remove that model's .air file from the extension with the delete button.
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