AI Squared enables you to transfer data from Databricks to various destinations by using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). This guide explains how to obtain your Databricks cluster’s ODBC URL and connect to AI Squared using your credentials. Follow the instructions to efficiently link your Databricks data with downstream platforms.



Open workspace

In your Databricks account, navigate to the “Workspaces” page, choose the desired workspace, and click Open workspace


Go to warehouse

In your workspace, go the SQL warehouses and click on the relevant warehouse


Get connection details

Go to the Connection details section.This tab shows your cluster’s Server Hostname, Port, and HTTP Path, essential for connecting to AI Squared


Create personal token

Then click on the create a personal token link to generate the personal access token


Server HostnameVisit the Databricks web console, locate your cluster, click for Advanced options, and go to the JDBC/ODBC tab to find your server hostname.
PortThe default port is 443, although it might vary.
HTTP PathFor the HTTP Path, repeat the steps for Server Hostname and Port.
CatalogDatabase catalog
SchemaThe initial schema to use when connecting.