Google Sheets is equipped with specific data capacity constraints, which, when exceeded, can lead to synchronization issues. Here’s a concise overview of these limitations:

  • Cell Limit: A Google Sheets document is capped at 10 million cells, which can be spread across one or multiple sheets. Once this limit is reached, no additional data can be added, either in the form of new rows or columns.
  • Character Limit per Cell: Each cell in Google Sheets can contain up to 50,000 characters. It’s crucial to consider this when syncing data that includes fields with lengthy text.
  • Column Limit: A single worksheet within Google Sheets is limited to 18,278 columns.
  • Worksheet Limit: There is a cap of 200 worksheets within a single Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Given these restrictions, Google Sheets is recommended primarily for smaller, non-critical data engagements. It may not be the optimal choice for handling expansive data operations due to its potential for sync failures upon reaching these imposed limits.

Connector Configuration and Credential Retrieval Guide

Prerequisite Requirements

Before initiating the Google Sheet connector setup, ensure you have an created or access an Google cloud account.

Destination Setup