Multiwoven uses the following environment variables for both the client and server:

If you have any questions about these variables, please contact us at Hello Multiwoven or join our Slack Community.

Required Variables

RAILS_ENV - Rails Environment (development, test, production)

UI_HOST - Hostname for UI service. Default is localhost:8000

API_HOST - Hostname for API service. Default to localhost:3000

DB_HOST - Database Host

DB_USERNAME - Database Username

DB_PASSWORD - Database Password

SMTP Configuration

SMTP_HOST - This variable represents the host name of the SMTP server that the application will connect to for sending emails. The default configuration for SMTP_HOST is set to, indicating the server host.

SMTP_ADDRESS - This environment variable specifies the server address where the SMTP service is hosted, critical for establishing a connection with the email server. Depending on the service provider, this address will vary. Here are examples of SMTP server addresses for some popular email providers:

  • Gmail: - This is the server address for Google’s Gmail service, allowing applications to send emails through Gmail’s SMTP server.

  • Outlook: - This address is used for Microsoft’s Outlook email service, enabling applications to send emails through Outlook’s SMTP server.

  • Yahoo Mail: - This address is used for Yahoo’s SMTP server when configuring applications to send emails via Yahoo Mail.

  • AWS SES: - This address format is used for AWS SES (Simple Email Service) SMTP servers when configuring applications to send emails via AWS SES. The specific region address should be used as shown in here

  • Custom SMTP Server: - For custom SMTP servers, typically hosted by organizations or specialized email service providers, the SMTP address is specific to the domain or provider hosting the service.

    SMTP_PORT - This indicates the port number on which the SMTP server listens. The default configuration for SMTP_PORT is set to 587, which is commonly used for SMTP with TLS/SSL.

SMTP_USERNAME - This environment variable specifies the username required to authenticate with the SMTP server. This username could be an email address or a specific account identifier, depending on the requirements of the SMTP service provider being used (such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.). The username is essential for logging into the SMTP server to send emails. It is kept as an environment variable to maintain security and flexibility, allowing changes without code modification.

SMTP_PASSWORD - Similar to the username, this environment variable holds the password associated with the SMTP_USERNAME for authentication purposes. The password is critical for verifying the user’s identity to the SMTP server, enabling the secure sending of emails. It is defined as an environment variable to ensure that sensitive credentials are not hard-coded into the application’s source code, thereby protecting against unauthorized access and making it easy to update credentials securely.

SMTP_SENDER_EMAIL - This variable specifies the email address that appears as the sender in the emails sent by the application.

BRAND_NAME - This variable is used to customize the ‘From’ name in the emails sent from the application, allowing a personalized touch. It is set to BRAND NAME, which appears alongside the sender email address in outgoing emails.

Sync Configuration

SYNC_EXTRACTOR_BATCH_SIZE - Sync Extractor Batch Size

SYNC_LOADER_BATCH_SIZE - Sync Loader Batch Size

SYNC_EXTRACTOR_THREAD_POOL_SIZE - Sync Extractor Thread Pool Size

SYNC_LOADER_THREAD_POOL_SIZE - Sync Loader Thread Pool Size

Temporal Configuration

TEMPORAL_VERSION - Temporal Version


TEMPORAL_HOST - Temporal Host

TEMPORAL_PORT - Temporal Port

TEMPORAL_ROOT_CERT - Temporal Root Certificate

TEMPORAL_CLIENT_KEY - Temporal Client Key

TEMPORAL_CLIENT_CHAIN - Temporal Client Chain


TEMPORAL_POSTGRES_PASSWORD - Temporal Postgres Password

TEMPORAL_POSTGRES_USER - Temporal Postgres User

TEMPORAL_POSTGRES_DEFAULT_PORT - Temporal Postgres Default Port

TEMPORAL_NAMESPACE - Temporal Namespace

TEMPORAL_TASK_QUEUE - Temporal Task Queue

TEMPORAL_ACTIVITY_THREAD_POOL_SIZE - Temporal Activity Thread Pool Size

TEMPORAL_WORKFLOW_THREAD_POOL_SIZE - Temporal Workflow Thread Pool Size

Community Edition Configuration

VITE_BRAND_NAME - Community Brand Name

VITE_LOGO_URL - URL of Brand Logo

VITE_BRAND_COLOR - Community Theme Color

VITE_BRAND_HOVER_COLOR - Community Theme Color On Hover

VITE_FAV_ICON_URL - URL of Brand Favicon

VITE_API_HOST - Hostname of API server

AppSignal Variables

APP_ENV - Deployment environment. Default: community.

APP_REVISION - Latest github commit sha. Used to identify revision in the metrics.

APPSIGNAL_PUSH_API_KEY - API Key for AppSignal integration.

Optional Variables

NEW_RELIC_KEY - New Relic Key