AI Squared Enterprise SaaS is a multi-tenant, cloud-native, and scalable platform that enables organizations to sync data and AI model outputs from their data warehouse to business tools. It provides advanced capabilities like Reverse ETL, data transformation, and data governance for enterprise use cases.

AI Squared Enterprise SaaS is built on top of the same technology stack as the AIS open-source platform. It provides a managed service with additional capabilities like multi-tenancy, advanced security, and enterprise-grade features.

The high-level architecture of AI Squared Enterprise SaaS same as the architecture outlined in the architecture section of the open-source platform.

Accessing AI Squared Enterprise SaaS

Enterprise SaaS Cloud

You can access the AI Squared Enterprise SaaS platform by visiting the AI Squared Enterprise SaaS Cloud. You can sign up for a new account or log in with your existing account.

Enterprise SaaS On-Premise

AI Squared Enterprise SaaS is also available as an on-premise deployment. The on-premise deployment provides the same capabilities as the cloud but runs on your infrastructure. You can contact the AI Squared team to get more information about the on-premise deployment.