Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud is a specialized CRM platform designed to help companies in the consumer goods industry manage their operations more efficiently. It provides tools to optimize route-to-market strategies, increase sales performance, and enhance field execution. This cloud-based solution leverages Salesforce’s robust capabilities to deliver data-driven insights, streamline inventory and order management, and foster closer relationships with retailers and customers.

Key Features:

  • Retail Execution: Manage store visits, ensure product availability, and optimize shelf placement.
  • Sales Planning and Operations: Create and manage sales plans that align with company goals.
  • Trade Promotion Management: Plan, execute, and analyze promotional activities to maximize ROI.
  • Field Team Management: Enable field reps with tools and data to improve productivity and effectiveness.

Connector Configuration and Credential Retrieval Guide

Prerequisite Requirements

When setting up an integration between Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud and Multiwoven, certain credentials are required to authenticate and establish a secure connection. Below is a brief description of each credential needed:

  • Username: The Salesforce username used to log in.
  • Password: The password associated with the Salesforce username.
  • Host: The URL of your Salesforce instance (e.g., https://login.salesforce.com).
  • Security Token: An additional security key that is appended to your password for API access from untrusted networks.
  • Client ID and Client Secret: These are part of the OAuth credentials required for authenticating an application with Salesforce. They are obtained when you set up a new “Connected App” in Salesforce for integrating with external applications. You may refer our Salesforce CRM docs for further details.

Setting Up Security Token in Salesforce


Sign In

Log in to your Salesforce account.



Navigate to Settings or My Settings by first clicking on My Profile and then clicking Settings under the Personal Information section.


Quick Find

Once inside the Settings page click on the Quick Find box and type “Reset My Security Token” to quickly navigate to the option.


Reset My Security Token

Click on Reset My Security Token under the Personal section. Salesforce will send the new security token to the email address associated with your account. If you do not see the option to reset the security token, it may be because your organization uses Single Sign-On (SSO) or has IP restrictions that negate the need for a token.

ModeSupported (Yes/No/Coming soon)
Incremental syncYes
Full refreshComing soon
StreamSupported (Yes/No/Coming soon)